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Sunday Music Classes

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Sup guys…Jude here…Bobby, Susan, Christine and I have decided to continue the music class(es) had on sundays during the holidays. I know, I know you might be thinking ” aren’t those supposed to be HOLIDAY programmes?” But one of Powerhouse.FM’s goal this year is to train up new musicians and bringing them to a higher level so FM can bring God’s presence during worship to an even greater level.

So…this is whats going on…..

There’s gonna be a or a few guitar classes, drum class, and maybe if you guys are interested, Bass ( oh yeah baby ) and keyboards. All will be taught by and or either or me, Christine, Peng ( maybe ), Jane ( maybe ), and more to come hopefully. There is however a change. Since some of you guys ( maybe girls ) are not very commited to the class thing some running around, some talking, some digging nose and looking for cicaks, Powerhouse.FM is implementing payment for the lessons. Meaning you have to pay if you wanna learn. Being the reason some of you are not serious, a fee should make you more commited and you know, the teachers ( no names please ) are abit put off by this behaviour. So if you’re paying you outta BE at the class you know? Money don’t come by easy these days. Make sure they are well spent. What the teachers are passing down now is not just chords and beats but the spirit and sense of belonging to Powerhouse. You might be in the worship team you know.

Don worry the fee won’t be cut-throat like the ones you go to like Technics or Yamaha. Fees are rm15 per MONTH…thats cheap….like dirt cheap…but that doesn’t mean you can just waste it away. So if you have 1001 siblings attending the class..erm…you do the math how much your clan will have to pay.

The sunday music classes will also be having a name. Erm…no idea so far yet but THIS is where all you guys can get in. You guys can chip in a name for the class such as School Of Rock or Musically Musiced or Nation of Music or Peeing Into The Toaster or something like that. You get the idea. But you gotta have an explanation for the name too. If the Majims and FM likes the idea then congrats your idea is on the board.

Classes will start THIS sunday which is 9 January after church at 1.30 Pm. Will be ending in about one hours time.See ya there guys. If you have your own guitars or drum sticks please bring la hor?

Keep On Trangling,

The Bassics