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What’s going on during the anniversary dinner…

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This is Berjaya Palace Hotel. It’s the building on othe hill next to Karamunsing Complex.

A brief insight into the programme for the night.
There will be awards for the best dress guy and girl…
Plenty of `blessed draws’
Penalty for those who DO NOT adhere to the dress code……ehheeh
Item by each life group and ministry…..
More presents and awards…..
Make sure you come….and be on time….in the right drese code!
Oh ya…make sure you bring your camera….it may be the only time you see some one in a skirt or dress……ehhehe….

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PowerHouse Meeting this Saturday

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Hi guys
It’s been a while since we met. Don’t forget our meeting this saturday
Date: 19th Feb 2005 (Sat)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Shalom
Spread the word around. Bring some Chinese New Year tid bits to share around! ;)

Susan Majim.
btw, if you haven’t gotten your anniversary tickets yet, make sure u get them asap from yvonne, adel, gab or belinda!

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