Letter from Kushi

Aug 26, 2008 I Annoucements.

Dear friends in Christ,

Loving greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I really thank you for the support you have done spiritually and financially. I really miss you for you have not come this time. I am sure that God is training each one of us in his accordance so that one day we can change the world. Continue to pray for us. Thinking you.

Yours in Christ,

Prayer request:
1. Pray for my education
2. Pray that I may be used mightily in the ministry
3. Pray that I can by a musical instrument
4. Pray for our family
5. Pray for the bible school, widow care center and the orphanage in Anantapur.

Thank you.

For your info, Kushi did very well for his first year exam entrance to medical school. He was actually eligible to get a scholarship. But his lecturer told him that for him to be eligible to get a scholarship, he need to fill the form and under religion put idol worshiper. If he puts Christian, he cannot get scholarship. Because Kushi didn’t compromise of his faith, now he has to find RM100,000 a year for his education. Please uphold him in prayer.

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