Apr 23, 2007 I Annoucements.

Sistas slumber party
8pm @ Christine & Adelyne’s house
Kg Tatahan, Inanam – 28 April 07
Please contact them for more info. You need their ph, please contact Aaron @ church office or email:


Come in your pajamas. There will be a prize for most unique pajamas. Bring your pillows for pillow fight!!
Other things to bring: Toiletries, teddy bear, clothes for sunday service the next day.
Transport: Please ask your parents to drop you off at Christine/Adel’s place and pick you up from their house on Sunday for church service. If you require transport, please let Aaron @ the church office know.
See you there! Will be tons of fun………..

  • bnice

    haha...amen!! :p

  • Suz

    oh yeah, and do uphold sistas sleep over in prayer. believe that God presence will be with us girls. that via the games, activities etc genuine christ like friendships will be formed. That God will use each of us to touch another persons life. Likewise we open ourselves to learn from each other's life sharing. Believe it will be awesome this sat. Also, my agar2 will be awesome!! :)

  • so who are the thirteen girls?

    adel, chris, joey, jenny, danielle, bernice, laura, vivian, brenda, shuk ling, shuk fern, lo chan yi?, suz, jia jun

    how bout mel, shen, el, ro, abigail, may, chai fern....amanda...

    ah....i've asked andrea to come. lok yuk having exams. but she said she'll try asking her mum to let her stay over. pray that parents will release their children.

  • shuk ling & shuk fern coming also. add it to the list

  • baron hen

    supper for girls?

    no way!!

    for us only hahaha

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