Prayer items for Powerhouse 2nd Anniversary

Feb 14, 2006 I Annoucements.

Hey guys, here are some of the things we need to pray for Powerhouse 2nd anniversary.

1. God will be glorified through this event
2. Programmes (dance, mime, powerpoint ect etc ) and timing of the event
3. Logistics (All items are in sequence)
4. Food (Enough food, no food poisoning)
5. Tickets sales
6. Committee members (mc, person in charged of decors, settings, music, ushering…..)
7. Good time of fellowship (parents-teens, teens-teens, parents-parents)
8. Good weather
9. No power cut
10. Good health

Lets do this together. Do spend some time to pray,because God hears our prayers.

  • ridge

    memang pun !!!!ayu ma....ayu pa

  • wow what a relieve. im only 2 years old/ hahahahahahaha
    (self deceiving, tidak mo m'aku tua)

  • Yeah!! We're going to be 2 years old!!! Hahaha

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