Goodbye to Peng

Feb 07, 2006 I Annoucements.

Peng left for Wellington, New Zealand today. We gonna miss him very much. He’s such a blessing to all of PowerHouse members. As a leader, worship leader, guitarist, dancer 🙂 and also an encourager. God will empowred you to make a difference in Wellington. God bless!

  • whoa peng!

  • Bob

    Good to hear from u coma back once a while and drop a few lines here...God bless u

  • Stan

    Hi there, Peng.

    Really wonderful to hear that you are getting along fine. Good for you. Am confident you will make an impact in yr own way in whatever church you are attending and in whatever place you happen to be.

    Praise the Lord for a fine young man like you.

    Saw the following words on my PC just now and they are worth sharing.

    "Sorrow looks back, Worry looks around while Faith looks up".

    Keep you faith ever strong and remember the Joy of the Lord is our strength.

    God Bless!!

    p.s. kinda miss you, esp. on Sundays...

  • Peng

    Hey guys, im safely in New Zealand and found myself a very warm and International church that im starting to really enjoy.. I am definitely learning soo much here, in very different ways. Maybe not so much on the scriptural and spirtural side but very simple things like great humbleness and living a simple life, always gratefull and thinking of others better than oneself. I truly thank God that Hes always with me and Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. I have grown so much though SIB from the MEGA and Powerhouse youth to the worship team and prayer meetings.. I will continue to say a prayer now and then for Powerhouse. And i am so grateful that God is really blessing this wonderful wonderful ministry. Lots of Love, Peng.

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