PowerHouse Chat Room

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Hey people, PowerHouse has got an web based chat room now. Go to the link.


Sign in your name. You don’t need a password for it. Enjoy. Do give me feedback on the usage of the chatroom. E-mail or post your comments ok. If it works well we’ll keep it else we’ll scrap it! Enjoy.


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well..yepp..u all shud know that yes its belinda here…hahha…nyways…it seems that my testimony in church din really touch any of those young ppl out there lerrr…nobody has come up to me n let me kno that they wanna join CATs…saddenin lerr…hahha…on the other hand a lot of our church anuty anuty(mean no harm =)…)came up to me n told me tat they were quite touched by the testi…so i really hope that any of u…yes i mean u who are reading this now…hahha…let me know if u wanna join CATs…no preasure alrite..hahah…ppl that wanna join CATs don’t need to b a professional dancer or even a pro in anything in order to join…as i myself am not at all a professional oso wat…u know how i started???i started wif playing the tambourine in church whn i was 10 or 11…if im not mistaken…so come n join CATs..it’ll b great fun learning together…let me know alrite…catch up wif ya ppl later~

luv,belinda =)))) *grin*

Testimony/ Sharing: PowerHouse Camp 2004

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Hey guys, here’s another chance for you to share how God touched you in the camp, or any funny incidents or jokes you wanna share with us. Do post a comment to share. Some of you were shy of the mike and stage during camp. So here’s a good way to share…Do use your real names where possible so we know who you are! God Bless

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Will upload pictures from family fun day soon! Posted by Hello

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Check out pictures taken from Christine’s birthday party on the “Photo Album” Posted by Hello

GEAR meeting on Saturday, 9 October 2004

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Hey, guys…did you like the movie? Anyway, if you think there are any movies that we can watch together, please let me know. I hope you have learnt something out of it. For more info of what we discussed, please click on the main title “GEAR meeting on Saturday, 9 October 2004.”

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I think this is a cool picture of us all! What do you think?? Posted by Hello

Morning prayer @ BCCM, Likas. Friday

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Every Friday morning there is a prayer for youth till the end of October.

Venue: Wisma Agape, BCCM Likas

Time: 5.30am-6.45am


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I’ve received news….that it’s confirmed at E05 in cancelled due to renovation of SIB KL new church building. So it may be delayed to 2006….ie we may get E06. Will keep you updated

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Smile!! From left to right: Tiffany, Bernice, Amanda, Shen, Venetia at Salim (supper time) Posted by Hello

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