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Have a blessed Christmas everyone!! Posted by Hello

PowerHouse with Ps Utham Kumar

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Don’t miss out….

PowerHouse is meeting 1st Jan 2005

Awesome way to start of the year


Shalom, SIB

Ps Utham Kumar from India will be ministering to the youth. Bring your friends….Expect God to touch their lives….transform souls.

Testimonies during this christmas season of miracles

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Hey guys…..I’d really encourage all of u to add a comment to this post. In regards to how God has touched you, healed you, spoken to you etc during this season of miracles…..during pastor utham kumar’s services etc.

Revelation 12:11 (New International Version)

11They overcame him

by the blood of the Lamb

and by the word of their testimony;

they did not love their lives so much

as to shrink from death.

Planetshakers Conference 2004, Sunway Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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Click on the link above for more photos Posted by Hello

Powerhouse Reloaded Building

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Guys….check out the reload card building me and Justin made for Powerhouse…its in the Orange…DON’T DESTROY IT!! please?

keep on trangling,

Planet Shakers Conference

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It was awesome man the conference. The speakers were really passionate…their preaching was powerful. The music was out of this world. What was most important is the passion that the team imparted unto us. That we MUST go out there and share Jesus with our friends. That’s what being a christian is all about. Just DO IT! We need to be relevant in the manner we share Jesus. The message is the same, but methods need to change with time. God is an up-to-date God. So should we Christians be up-to-date and not out-of-date. Worshipping and praising God should be the most awesome party on planet earth. Where there is life there is noise! Being a Christian should be exciting! intoxicated with the presence of the Holy Spirit! God really let me feel His heart during the conference on the last day. His heart goes out for all the young people that are wasting their life and time doing aimless things without purpose in life…..without coming into a relationship with Him. As Bernard shared….we must be complacent no more. Don’t wait for things to happen. Make things happen! Go out there….to your workplace, your school and be crazy for Jesus!!. He rocks man!


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Yo ppl….

1. We encourage you to come earlier for PowerHouse this week. Come at 5.30pm and join the prayer. Coz we wanna see a breakthrough in church and in our youth!! PowerHouse will be leading the prayer meeting. Believe that it will be an amazing time of worship and prayer!! More ppl are coming back for holidays. Good news for those interested in CAT, Fenny has agreed to give dance lessons during this holidays. You can contact her directly for more info.

PowerHouse this Saturday @ Shalom

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Hey guys…

We’re gonna meet @ Shalom this say (11 Dec) @ 7.30pm. Due to overwhelming request from some ppl who came back to KK for hols and wanna see what’s up with PowerHouse…and also those of us who came back from Planet shakers conference in KL…we wanna share with you the passion and excitement that we caught from it. So make sure u’re there. Fenny Soo & Bernard Hiew will be sharing. Perhaps Jane Lim also.

1st Of December…

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Hey Guys…sup? Today is the 1st of December Monday 2004.Meaning…today is……..Jeng Jeng Jeng…SHEN’S BIRTHDAY!!! MUAHAHHA I remember, I remember…did you? Did you? Muhahaha….Call Her and sing her a birthday song. Muahhaha…Happy birthday Shen!!

Holiday Programme

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Whassup. For your info, PowerHouse is officially on holiday for the remainder of 2004. We will resume in 2005. Coz lots of ppl will be on holiday, part time jobs, involved in many other church christmas activities (e.g. KB, drama for Christmas, turkey fest etc). Have a good break with you family as well. Nevertheless, there are a couple of interest groups that are meeting up in Nov and Dec……

1. Magazine team

Elsha, Melody & team will be producing a PowerHouse Mag for 2004 which will be published back to back with KB’s mag. If you wanna help out, leave them a note at the chatterbox. Or e-mail

2. Music lessons

Music lessons on Sundays after church service. Guitar, drums etc. Contact Christine for more info. Your teachers are: Christine, Bernard, Jude, Jane, Fenny

3. Hospital prayer groups

Auntie Tiok Hua will love to have some youth with her for hospital visits. Pray for the sick. Pray for God’s healing. Impart unto people what God has deposited into you. Visiting hours are lunch time. For more info, contact Susan.

4. Christmas Drama

CAT will be involved either in dance or acting…. For more info, contact Belinda

5. Turkey fest, Celebration of Miracles (SIB Christmas Programme)

Helpers needed for various things e.g. decoration, eating turkey?? 😉 For more info, contact Adelyne

6. Tambourine classes

Lessons will resume in Jan 05.

If you have any other ideas or activities, leave us a note or e-mail powerhouse. We’ll get the word out for you. Cheers!!

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