Powerhouse 1st Anniversary Semi Formal Dinner

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yup…Powerhouse is gonna turn one year old soon

So we wanna celebrate God’s blessing and grace that He’s shown on Powerhouse the past one year! Amen! So here’s the details

Venue: Berjaya Palace Hotel Ballroom

Date: 26th Feb 2005 (Sat)

Time: 7-10pm

Dress code: Semi-formal

Ticket price: RM25 (subsidy available on case to case basis)

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Something to think about…. Posted by Hello

I know..the print is kinda small…anywayz this is what it says:

We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing – 2 Thess 1:3

Anywayz, we really praise God for all you guys in PowerHouse. You’ve all really grown in the Lord by….wow….amazing….heaps….really. From when we first met in Feb 2004 till today. You guys are not the same man….you faith has really grown. Your love for Jesus is really huge now….and also the way you care and love for each other. It’s wonderful to see how God has touched u guys. And how all of you are willing for God to touch u! 🙂

That’s the most important thing. That we are willing vessels of God. I just wanna say…praise the Lord that you’ve all grown in stature in Him…..Amazing….


Suz & Bob Majimbun

ps: yalah….Bob still in Sri Lanka…so it’s me Suz writing on our behalf lah…Just felt in my heart that this is a verse that is so fitting for all you bunch…..

Purpose Driven Life Facilitator Training

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Hi dear cell group leaders and assistant cell group leaders….

There will be a facilitator training for Purpose Driven Life (PDL) on:

29th Jan OR 5th Feb 2005 @ 2pm @ Shalom

You can choose either one. So the rafting ppl can go for 5th Feb. Ppl like me can go on 29th Jan! 😉

The training will teach you what to do as a leader (facilitator) for PDL cells. PDL cells will be starting 1st week march in powerhouse (the whole church including kb will start the same time).

Gear…please give your preferred dates to Gabriel. Connect and Ignite, you can e-mail me your preferred dates. Really encourage you guys to go. it’s quite a different style of leading a group (so i gather). See you there


Padas Water Rafting

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OK guys…short and short…and really short. I know a bit late to post this..better than none.This sunday if you’re gonna signup for the rafting event please submit payment on sunday if possible. PLEASE PLEASE save the trouble of paying later. Please give full name and IC number ( and the money, we take YOUR money ). Thanks…

Learnt this on the internet, with a bit from me:

Five words to describe this,

I’m hungry, uh, I’m hungry.

Keep On Trangling,

The Bassics


Upcoming Powerhouse Activities

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29th Jan 2005: Padas White Water Rafting

19th Feb 2005: PowerHouse @ Shalom @ 7.30pm

3rd day for CNY 2005: Open house @ chris majim house

26th Feb 2005: PowerHouse 1st Anniversary Celebration

any more open house for CNY notices?

Greetings from Sri Lanka

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Whassup….from Sri Lanka

I’m getting myself quite busy…..im pratically hanging out with young ppl all the time…not bad, quite fun…

tomorrow 1am we will be leaving to the tamil tiger area….will be on the field for about 3 to 4 days….they got a van for us to ride on…not at the back of a truck…

Bobby Maj

Padas White Water Rafting

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Powerhouse will be organizing a white water rafting trip to padas.

Date: 29 Jan 05 (Sat)

Time: the entire day. 8am-5.30pm (approx)

Fee: RM100-RM120 (if we get more ppl then it gets cheaper)

Contact persons: Jude Limus (016 848 8449), Justin Chen (012 833 8202)

Higly recommended that only people above 15 years join this rafting due to the nature of the adventure and the risks that it may present

Sunday Music Classes

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Sup guys…Jude here…Bobby, Susan, Christine and I have decided to continue the music class(es) had on sundays during the holidays. I know, I know you might be thinking ” aren’t those supposed to be HOLIDAY programmes?” But one of Powerhouse.FM’s goal this year is to train up new musicians and bringing them to a higher level so FM can bring God’s presence during worship to an even greater level.

So…this is whats going on…..

There’s gonna be a or a few guitar classes, drum class, and maybe if you guys are interested, Bass ( oh yeah baby ) and keyboards. All will be taught by and or either or me, Christine, Peng ( maybe ), Jane ( maybe ), and more to come hopefully. There is however a change. Since some of you guys ( maybe girls ) are not very commited to the class thing some running around, some talking, some digging nose and looking for cicaks, Powerhouse.FM is implementing payment for the lessons. Meaning you have to pay if you wanna learn. Being the reason some of you are not serious, a fee should make you more commited and you know, the teachers ( no names please ) are abit put off by this behaviour. So if you’re paying you outta BE at the class you know? Money don’t come by easy these days. Make sure they are well spent. What the teachers are passing down now is not just chords and beats but the spirit and sense of belonging to Powerhouse. You might be in the worship team you know.

Don worry the fee won’t be cut-throat like the ones you go to like Technics or Yamaha. Fees are rm15 per MONTH…thats cheap….like dirt cheap…but that doesn’t mean you can just waste it away. So if you have 1001 siblings attending the class..erm…you do the math how much your clan will have to pay.

The sunday music classes will also be having a name. Erm…no idea so far yet but THIS is where all you guys can get in. You guys can chip in a name for the class such as School Of Rock or Musically Musiced or Nation of Music or Peeing Into The Toaster or something like that. You get the idea. But you gotta have an explanation for the name too. If the Majims and FM likes the idea then congrats your idea is on the board.

Classes will start THIS sunday which is 9 January after church at 1.30 Pm. Will be ending in about one hours time.See ya there guys. If you have your own guitars or drum sticks please bring la hor?

Keep On Trangling,

The Bassics


PowerHouse meetings

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There will be no PowerHouse meetings till after CNY

We will resume on 20th Feb 2005 with Purpose Driven Life.

Coz this weekend is leaders planning retreat for 2005, and the remainder of January is taken up by Ancient Path. For those of you who haven’t gone to it, it’s really really good. Get yourselves signed up. Then February is CNY. Time to collect ang pau. Lots of ppl ….like me…will balik kampung to collect angpau. Hence we will resume after that. Trust that you all are having a good time in school. Remember to make a difference in where u are…school or work ….coz u’re empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Powerhouse Leader Planning & Impartation Session

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Hi guys

All leaders & co-leaders,

we will be having a weekend together for preparation of 2005.

Tentative Programme:

Friday nite (7/01/05) @ PowerHouse Room @ 8pm

Ps Jerry will be sharing on leadership

Saturday (8/01/05) – Venue yet to be determined (in a hotel in KK somewhere)

2.30-3.30pm: Bob & Suz sharing on Powerhouse for 2005

(All young adults are invited to this session)

3.30pm-4.00pm: Tea break

4.00-6.30pm: Planning for 2005

6.30pm-7.40pm: Dinner

7.40pm-9.30pm: Consolidation of 2005 plans and activities

we will not be going away this time due to constraint of time. All leaders are HIGHLY recommended….STRONGLY required to go…..!! 😉

We need to seek God, wait upon the Lord, and ask Him for His strategy plan for PowerHouse for 2005. We believe that PowerHouse will be taken to another level this year. But we all need to come together as a team and seek God corporately for His plans…and not to do things based on our own personal desires. Pastor will be sharing on leadership….he’s been wanting to share with the leaders for a while already ! :))

Bob & Suz will share what God has laid upon their heart for PowerHouse in 2005. All young adults are encouraged to join this session.

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