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Bernice, Laura & Friends – Powerhouse 1st Anniversary Dinner Posted by Hello

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Queenie, Adelyne, Amy – PowerHouse 1st Anniversary Dinner Posted by Hello


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chat box is temporary taken out of this blog

Powerhouse chatbox was meant for members to leave messages for each other. However, a day or two ago, someone hacked into chatbox. Not just ours, but all websites that used the same programme. Unsuitable material was left in the chatbox. We know that all we do we want it to bring glory to Jesus. What this hacker has done has kinda `desecrated’ our chat box. We cannot have these kinda things. So, we decided to take it off. We are still trying to get another substitute. Ain’t easy though……so give us some time. If you wanna keep contact with each other….try yahoo messenger or msn messenger. Any feedbacks, please leave a comment on this post.


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What’s going on during the anniversary dinner…

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This is Berjaya Palace Hotel. It’s the building on othe hill next to Karamunsing Complex.

A brief insight into the programme for the night.
There will be awards for the best dress guy and girl…
Plenty of `blessed draws’
Penalty for those who DO NOT adhere to the dress code……ehheeh
Item by each life group and ministry…..
More presents and awards…..
Make sure you come….and be on time….in the right drese code!
Oh ya…make sure you bring your camera….it may be the only time you see some one in a skirt or dress……ehhehe….

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PowerHouse Meeting this Saturday

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Hi guys
It’s been a while since we met. Don’t forget our meeting this saturday
Date: 19th Feb 2005 (Sat)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Shalom
Spread the word around. Bring some Chinese New Year tid bits to share around! 😉

Susan Majim.
btw, if you haven’t gotten your anniversary tickets yet, make sure u get them asap from yvonne, adel, gab or belinda!

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Water Rafting Photos

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OK dudes…got some photos ( if wan more of them can ask from me ) of the rafting thing…I wanted to post it here…But you know…I gotta promote MY blog too right? hehehe…so you can check it out in my blog….

I know you people lazy to click the link…

so click this brother down here..

Bassics Blog

40 days of purpose campaign @ PowerHouse

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If you haven’t signed up yet…..get yourself signed up. See any PowerHouse cell group leader. Or e-mail us at or leave a note at the chatterbox!! Don’t miss out. Invite your friends. We start our 40 days of purpose campaign on 27th Feb 2005. Don’t forget to get your book and manual.

Imagine what could happen in your church if every one of your members began to live out God’s five purpose on a daily basis!

If your church baptized 671 new believers, added 1,200 new members, and increased your average attendance by 2,000 in just 40 days, would you call that a revival?

If, during those same 40 days, 2,200 previously uninvolved people volunteered to serve in a ministry of your church, and another 3,700 committed to go on missions somewhere in the world next year, what would you call that? An awakening?

What term would you use if your members became so burdened for their neighbors that they started 2,400 Home Bible Study groups and convinced nearly 25,000 of their friends, neighbors, and co-workers to attend for six weeks? A miracle?

Whatever you call it, this actually happened at Saddleback Church in the Fall of 2002 during an incredible spiritual growth emphasis called 40 Days of Purpose.

But it just didn’t happen at Saddleback! Over 18,000 churches from all 50 states and 19 countries have now participated in 40 Days of Purpose. Many of these churches have reported that it was the most transforming event in their congregation’s history. Hundreds of pastors have written or called saying, “Our church will never be the same” and “This is the greatest thing that has ever happened in our church.” One pastor wrote, “I’ve seen more growth in our members and our church in 40 days than in the previous 13 years.”

Through 40 Days of Purpose, thousands of people have come to Christ, been baptized, welcomed into membership, connected to a small group or Sunday School class for fellowship, taught the meaning of real worship, equipped for personal ministry, and commissioned to fulfill their mission in the world.

We hope and pray that your church won’t miss out on this movement of God. We invite you to join us. We’re waiting to partner with you on the journey of a lifetime!

* excerpt taken from*

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