laura dillon in usa & canada

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Random pics of 2005

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chill out session @ powerhouse – dessert nite + games + ps2
after a hectic & eventful week of planetshakers & arise. Praise God for an awesome time
last nite out at coffee bean with kuo sing before he returned to miri
Boy’s with makeup – look at daniel & gab’s lips!!

Joey & Ying’s double b’day celebration at McD Api-Api

Arise Sabah

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Hey all!! Big cheer to the youth who put lots of heart and effort into making the Arise Concert a big success…..Sure that God has deposited something great, something prophectic into many of your lives!! WOW it’s now!

Planetshakers Conference

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Great stuff guys!! More than 30 of us registered for the whole sessions and at least 40+ came during the night session. God moved many hearts and ignited many fires in us. Let’s keep the fire burning and win KK for Jesus. Save the Day!!!

1st week of Nov’s line up…full week ahead

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The first week of Nov is pretty full on for us at powerhouse. Here’s a run down of the events…just in case u all missed the notices at powerhouse last nite

5th Nov (Sat) – No Powerhouse

6th Nov (Sun) –
10.30am: Ps Mervin Jayaseela (Planetshakers) will be speaking at SIB Likas sunday service @
main church
1pm-7pm: Registration for Planetshakers (PS) Conference starts. Don’t forget to bring your
reg no
to Sutera Magellan Ballroom
4pm: Walk for Jesus. Gather at Likas Sports Complex. Bring along your charity card
7.30pm: Night Rally @ PS @ Magellan Ballroom

6-8th Nov (Sun-Teusday)
Planet Shakers Conference at Magellan Ballroom. 7.30pm Night session are free to public. Bring your friends.

10-11th Nov (Thurs-Friday)
Arise Concert @ KDCA @ 7.30pm

12 Nov (Sat) – Pot bless Dessert Nite – Last Powerhouse meeting for the year 2005 @ Shalom @ 7.30pm. IN COMING FORM 1 KB DUDES ARE INVITED TO COME…SPREAD THE WORD GUYS

CAT’s next dance item…..who wants in??

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Yo dudes…and dudettes,
I reckon most of you know bout the Gaya st christmas that is goin to be on in…yes…GAYA ST…
PJD has been asked by someone else….they heard SIB Powerhouse youth can dance…so we’ve been requested to do a hip hop christmas dance on 23rd Dec at Gaya st. We need bout 30+ ppl, so if you’re keen,pls let Adelyne, Christine or Ying know. We’re gonna start practise as soon as they get the song and got it choreographed.


Family Sunday Service – 9 Oct 2005

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Family Sunday Service

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Planet shakers registration 2005 Kota Kinabalu

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The planetshakers conference is just round the corner andI’m sure you are getting excited to see what God has instore for us! To assist the registration process on the 6th Nov (1-6pm),please find the Registration Numbers for the followingpersons.

PS05KK-4371 Matthias Liew
PS05KK-4151 Brian Teo
PS05KK-4155 Mayryl Teo
PS05KK-4153 Noveme Teo
PS05KK-4208 Aaron Heng Kong Thai
PS05KK-4245 Adelyne Andy Majimbun
PS05KK-4213 Amanda Lok I Hui
PS05KK-4223 Amy Liaw Mei Yun
PS05KK-4199 Bernice Heng Yii Tyng
PS05KK-4201 Bobby Andy Majimbun
PS05KK-4242 Christine A Majimbun
PS05KK-4227 Clarence Voon
PS05KK-4224 Clement Voon
PS05KK-4248 Daniel Chen Jia-En
PS05KK-4262 Daniel Yap Ba Zan
PS05KK-4218 David Gan Kok Thye
PS05KK-4258 James Wong
PS05KK-4259 Jessica Wong
PS05KK-4251 Joey Ng Pei Yee
PS05KK-4316 John Wong Chee Liang
PS05KK-4206 Jude Limus
PS05KK-4256 Julius Wong Vun Bing
PS05KK-4249 Justin Chen JiaCi
PS05KK-4238 K.C Lee
PS05KK-4254 Khulbir Singh
PS05KK-4232 Kitty Yapp
PS05KK-4211 Matthew Lok Sze Tsun
PS05KK-4312 Melody Wong
PS05KK-4215 Queeny Tan Chien Vun
PS05KK-4205 Susan Majimbun
PS05KK-4239 Venetia Khong
PS05KK-4220 Huong Yong Hing
PS05KK-4230 Soong Giun Tzu
PS05KK-4615 Vivien Tan Ai Yin
PS05KK-4614 Jenny Ng Pui Yen
PS05KK-4613 Tatjana Lim

Please bring your reg no to the conference.Thank You & God bless!See you at Planet Shakers Malaysia Conference 2005!

Sunday service

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God is awesome….Powerhouse, you guys did great on sunday service. A lot of effort was put into it and I really praise God for your willing heart to serve Him in ministry. In particular, kudos to CATS for the dance. This sat we will be getting into our small groups. Believe God for an awesome time, that we will be able to really share and build each other up in our small groups this week. Challenge for you: call someone up – someone who was never been to PH, or has been before but not anymore – invite them. Gob bless you all heaps! Keep soldiering on for Jesus