Something from Sandakan

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Online Sermons

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hey powerhouse! theres an online sermon by Pastor Kevin all the way from City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur. i have listened to one of it, its not bad. just click the link above to enter a new page and click whatever sermon ya wanna listen and VOILA~! its all reh-dey for U. have fun…

*it would be recommendable for those who went to teenstreet last year too. for some of the sermons are related to servanthood as … the tray.. remember? nicky and her tray. serving and.. yeah. GO GO GO ^flinging banner with full force


This month activities in PowerHouse

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Date: 7 January 2006
Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm
Venue: Shalom and Orange Room
First gathering for the year. Time of fun and get to know each other. Bring many of your friends.

Date: 14 January 2006
Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm
Venue: Shalom
What’s happening this year? Come and find out as Bobby and Susan share their hearts. Going to have a great time of worship.

No PowerHouse on the 21st and 28 Jan due to Chinese New Year. Many will be away. PowerHouse will be resume on the 4 February 2006.

Goodbye to Julius Wong

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Julius left KK to Sandakan on the 28 Dec 2005. We the PowerHouse will miss him very much. We wish him all the best and he will always be in our prayer. You can keep in touch with him through email. His email:

Powerhouse Devotion Page

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Yo interneters…….
CHeck out:
Fellow teen street-ers. REmember the Big adventure challenge……. let’s do it together online. I know that lots of you actually go to the site for a browse through. But wanna encourage u all to actually WRITE something. Click on the comment button. Hehehheehe……
Let’s all get into the word of God together and grow together yah! Coz Powerhouse is an awesome group of young people empowered by the Holy Spirit……and DEEPLY rooted into the WORD of God yah!

Suz M

Merry Christmas 2005!!

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Wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May God bless you and may Jesus be so real in your life….”Christmas isn’t Christmas till it happen in your heart”.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Gaya Street Christmas Carnival

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Come and bring your friends to the Gaya Street Carnival. PowerHouse Cats will be performing on the 23 Dec. Come and visit Gaya Street everynight either to enjoy or you can help us in various booths. Time from 7-10pm……..

PowerHouse Daily Devotion Page

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Hi guys,
we have started a daily devotion for all of you. Please visit the page, read it and post comment or anything you like. Go and visit ok???

We will put the link up on the site bar soon!!!

Photos from TeenStreet Malaysia 2005

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Leaving KK to KLIA
On the way to Seremban
Dan was carried by the crowd…this is cool….
Time of worship and praising God!!Group photo with Tio (OM Sabah) and Ps. Nat

TeenStreet 2005

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Date: 3-8 December 2005
Venue: STM, Seremban
Who’s going?:
Team 1
Coach: Susan Majimbun
Shen Wong, Bernice Heng, Ying, Melody, Elsha and Venetia
Team 2
Coach: Bobby Majimbun
Justin Chen, Daniel Chen, Ridge, Aaron, Matthew and Gabriel
Please pray for us!!! For more info, you can check out the webpage at
We will be spending 3 nights at KL from 8-11 Dec….Jalan-jalan cari makan and jalan-jalan beli barang….