A photo or two of India

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This is the village church in Kallur that Ps Utham planted. That man is a church elder. The kids in blue are in school uniform. They supposed to be in school but they skipped school that day to go to church and join the children’s programme.

This week in PowerHouse

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In house speakers:

Daniel Chen (power of the tongue)

Elsha Liew (faithfulness)

Shen Wong (leaning on God)

Come and join us for a panel of young and dynamic speakers. They have shared to the Indian people in Kallur, India. Now it is our turn in SIB Powerhouse to listen to what God has put on their hearts to share with the youth.

A VERY BRIEF summary of our India mission Trip

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Can’t tell u all. We’re saving the best for our India Mission Report Night.But God was really faithful throughout the trip. We had the opportunity to do ministry at Powerhouse Chennai church on 3 separate occasions. Then we went to visit the tsunami relief centre and orphanage for girls in the outskirts of Chennai. Also ministered to young women at a local Women’s Hostel in Chennai. A really touching visit was one to the AIDS hospice for women and children. We were a bit apprehensive. Not knowing what to expect. Whether the women and children were very sick, dying etc. The women and children we met were in good health. We found out that the hospice will transfer the really ill ones to the hospital. Even so, you can see visible signs of the side effects of the HIV drugs they were taking – eye, skin problems etc. Yet there was joy in the children. Amazing.

Ministry in Raichur, Kallur village were different. Journey there in the train was an out of the world experience itself. Apart from Pastor Jerry, Huan and Abot, our team were the only other foreigners they have met. The young people were really encourage to see foreigners of their age. Ministry there was entirely different. We learn about the power of prayer – really had spiritual warfare in Raichur. The girls prayed & worship for a long period that night. And won the battle. You must come and hear them share. Many testimonies on God answering prayers nearly instantly when we were in India. The generosity of the Indian people is really overwhelming. The way Ps Utham, the other pastors, his own son (Kushi) served us is a real testimony of what being a servant is. If we think that we’re serving in Malaysia, wait till you see how Indians really `serve’. Ps Utham gave up his master bed for us to sleep in his house. He and his family slept on the house roof open air on mats that night. Many many amazing stories…..you all must come for the India Mission Full reporting nite!!


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Hi everyone
what an adventure. And’ we’re not even in India yet. Flight from KK to LCCT, KL has well… a great long walk from the plane to terminal. Got to KLIA at 11.30pm. Found out that we could not check in yet. So had to sleep on the chairs around McDonald’s. Then at 5am we went to check into Jet Airways to go to Chennai. Discovered that ALL TWELVE of us..our names were not on the list. Somehow there was a technical glitch. Our reservations got `automatically’ cancelled. Don’t know who is to blame. The Devil lah…He really don’t want us to go to India man…
So anywayz, had to standby. At the end only for 5 seats. SMS tons to parents, ppl back in SIB to pray. Got many phone calls from concerned parents. So we sent off Jude, Shen, Bios, Ven & Daniel on that flight. Ps Jayakaran will meet them at the airport. All the while we prayed for God to make a way. No worries man….excited….but trusting God all the way. The team was fantastic. No one panic. But everyone know to pray…..pray at anywhere…airport!! 😉 And allow God to work things out for us.
SO what happened to the other SEVEN?!?!
The powerhouse amazing race. Bob & me went around trying to secure bookings with other airlines. India airlines, MAS were overbooked by 60, 30 pax respectively. Looked gloom for us. Then we found Air India who had some seats available, but KLIA got no ticketing agent. So they couldn’t issue us tickets.
Finally at the very last minutes, Jet airways staff managed to get 7 seats for us on Sri Lanka airlines. Had to stop by Colombo en route to Chennai.
God did not just stop at there…..Joey & Elsha got business class seats all the way from KL to Colombo, all the wine and champagne they could have….which they didn’t ….coz they dind’t know how to enjoy such fine food! 😉
Then at Colombo airport, the airport manager was waiting for us. We thought trouble again. But he ushered us to the VIP longue. We are here now. 6 pc…internet access…which everyone is dying for….all the food and drink we want…champagne included! 😉
wow…..God is indeed amazing!

Isaiah 45
1 “This is what the LORD says to his anointed,
to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of
to subdue nations before him
and to strip kings of their armor,
to open doors before him
so that gates will not be shut:
2 I will go before you
and will level the mountains [a] ;
I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron.

God definately open doors before us. No gates will be shut no matter how much the devil tries. Coz the awesome Lord goes before us! Amen

PowerHouse India Mission Trip

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Hello everyone!
Pray for us as we represent PowerHouse in India.

26 May (Fri)
Depart KK to KL 8.05pm
27 May(Sat)
Depart KL to Chennai 7.55am
Arrive Chennai 9.25am (India is 2 1/2 hour behind M’sia)
Evening Youth Rally
28 May (Sun)
Minister in local church (Worship and preaching)
Evening Youth Rally
29 – 31 May (Mon-Wed)
Visiting and ministering at the slumps
1 June (Thur)
Leave Channai by train to Raichor
2 June (Fri)
Arrive Raichor and rest
3 June (Sat)
Youth Ministry
4 June (Sun)
Serving at local church
Youth Ministry
5 – 6 June (Mon – Tue)
Children Ministry
7 June (Wed)
8 June (Thur)
Train back to Chennai
9 June (Fri)
Arrive Chennai
10 June (Sat)
Depart Chennai to KL 11.30pm
11 June (Sun)
Arrive KL 6.05am
Depart KL to KK 9.35am
Arrive KK 12.05pm

Top (L-R) Bob, Jude, Daniel, Joanne, Joey
Bottom (L-R) Suz, Shen, Elsha, Adel, Ven
Not in pic: Christine, Bios

Event not to be missed!!

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This week in PowerHouse

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Date: 13 May 2006
Guest speaker: Pastor Ned
Prayer Meeting: Adelyne Majimbun
Worship Leader: Daniel Chen
Announcement: Susan Majimbun

This week in PowerHouse

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Date: 6 May 2006
Activity: Small Group Activity
Prayer Meeting: Shen Wong
Worship :Leader: Daniel Chen
Announcement: Justin Chen

Photos of PowerHouse Camp 2006

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Hi PowerHouse!!
Click on the title to view some of the pictures taken during the PowerHouse Camp and visit to Don Bosco…..I think we need a full time photographer, me missed many events….who wants to take up the ministry???

SIB PowerHouse Youth Camp

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Date: 29 April – 1 May 2006

Vanue: Perkasa Hotel, Kundasang

Guest speakers: SIB KL Youth

*Special visit to Don Bosco Orphanage at Bundu Tuhan on 30 April (Sunday)*