powerhouse 3rd anniversary celebrations

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This week @ Powerhouse 9th March 2007

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9 March 2007
Friday night

Edmund lived a homosexual lifestyle from 1983 to 1994. He was born-again in 1994 after he rejected homosexuality. Edmund got married in 1996 to a wonderful wife, Amanda. They moved to Singapore in 1997 as God led them there. From 1997 to 1999, Edmund and Amanda, both went under the teachings & leadership in CHOICES: Exodus International gay ministry. CHOICES is a ministry under Church of Our Savior, Singapore. When they left CHOICES in 1999, they went on to reach out to their gay and lesbian friends and that was the birth of “Real Love Ministry (RLM)”.

msg for powerhouse from joanne leahy

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Anniversary Video

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Part 1


Part 2

Powerhouse 3rd Anniversary Award Winner

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Newcomer of the Year 2006 (Male)
Wong Toh Khiing
Newcomer of the Year 2006 (Female)
Danielle Soong
Comedian of the Year 2006
David G
Most improved person of the Year 2006 (Male)
John Wong
Most improved person of the Year 2006 (Female)
Shen Wong
Friendliest person of the Year 2006
Christine M
Mr. PowerHouse 2006 (Contribution)
Jude Limus
Ms. PowerHouse 2006 (Contribution)
Joey Ng
Favourite person of the Year 2006
Daniel Chen

Powerhouse 3rd Anniversary

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grab your tickets from aaron heng today! RM 5.00 only. Make sure you invite your parents along.

This week @ Powerhouse 25th Feb

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We’ll have an informal night together to fellowship. Do remember to bring some tid bits and food to share. Will be having some games also. Sorry, no fire crackers, fire works or ang paus….just lots of food, laughter and bonding! hehehe

Pictures from Sistas Masquerade Night

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No powerhouse this coming week @ 18th Feb

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Have a blessed chinese new year with your families. Remember the Lord in all things, give thanks for all things. Don’t forget to tithe your ang pau ah!! ;)
Safe journey for all those travelling `balik kampung’. See you in 2 weeks time. God bless

New from Down Under – Joanne Leahy

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I’m getting back into things at home now. At church im going to be involved in the Cities and Nations team. Its like the mission focus team and each month I’ll be involved in organising and planning the monthly meetings. It should be good cos then i can still be in a mission thing and that way i can keep my heart for the nations more alive. They have alot more younger ppl in this team, i think they want to draw more younger ones in. So this will be a little different for me, but i think i need to be doing fresh things after going to malaysia which was a different thing for me to do.
Then with rockfire im still involved with that. Its quite good i was in Powerhouse last year, because after the young adults have been separated from the high school age group at CNLC, rockfire (youth) last year (apparently) had to really set new foundations and reform itself (in a way), so the way rockfire is run is alot different and its kinda a whole new era for rf, so since ph is quite young, with majority high school hopefully i can what ive learnt in Ph into RF!!! The leadership team though is basically people around my age, they may be a year younger or older than me. Its quite exciting though cos when i was leading in RF i was always one of the younger leaders, feeling like i dont have much to offer, but now i feel i have something to give.
The overseeers of RF have asked me if i want to be incharge of REVOLUTION, which is like the monthly youth meeting, when all the Tribes (small groups) come together. Im still thinking about it cos i dont want to overload myself. But i think ill be going for it, i think running youth events and that side of things i want to keep doing cos im pretty alright with it and its something that i can grow in. So if i do that then ill be incharge of like getting REVOLUTION together, getting the youth together to usher and all that stuff! Its also good cos doing stuff TOGETHER WITH the youth is a really good way to grow relationships with them. Thats what i found last year in Powerhouse.
And then i’ll be leading a tribe (youth cells) again, which will be exciting! So yeah its going to be cool.
It is quite weird to be back cos like im not familiar with the ppl in the leadership team and now at the moment im one of the quieter ones! And there are alot of new youth who i dont know, so im probably like a stranger to them!!
Yeah i trust that everything back in Powerhouse is going well! Sounds like the ministry fair was really good. Joey told me cats is planning to do something every 3 months! Which is so awesome, and SISTA’s sounds like it went off! Melody did a good job with the flyer!