This week at Powerhouse – 27th Jan 08

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Elder Ng Weng Kong will be sharing on:
Where the church if going in 2008……

Worship leader: Matt the (thew thew) Lok
Prayer Meeting: Danielle Soong
Announcements & MC: Suz

Note: This sunday powerhouse is leading worship in church this Sunday – uphold them in prayer

Photos from last week’s baptism @ Tg Aru

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This week 18-20th Jan 08

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18th Jan 08 (Friday)
7.30pm @ Sib Likas
KK Prayer Net – Prayer focus on Youth
Interchurch prayer – we will joining various youth groups in KK to pray for our generation

19th Jan 08 (Sat)
Holy Spirit Baptism
Bring a love offering for supper
Semi-fasting: No dinner, no snacks, no electronic gadgets
MUST BRING BIBLE – or entry may be denied! – at your own risk!!
Bring your pen/highlighter – there will be activities to do

20th Jan 08 (Sun)
No Powerhouse as we’d the holy spirit baptism the day before

All cell leaders/helpers – please personally inform your members regarding the activities for this week. Thanks!

This week at Powerhouse – 13th Jan 08

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11th Jan (Friday) 8pm @ Shalom – Leaders prayer & discipleship meeting

13th Jan
2.30-4.30pm: Bob will be sharing on where Powerhouse is heading in 2008
5.00pm: Water Baptism @ Tg Aru Beach

Next week:19-20th Jan 08
Holy Spirit Baptism Weekend @ Shalom (Overnight)
Please submit your names to your cell leaders
Price: RM 5 only for supper & Breakfast

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Should powerhouse blogspot move to ning?
Should blogspot move to ning?
Yes (move to
No (maintain at

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What is your PMR result
How was your PMR result
Unexpectedly & miraculously great…good. Praise God
As expected. Amen
Haiyo….thank God I passed all…didn’t fail ! 😉
Praise the Lord all the time in all circumstances. Job was worse off!

First powerhouse session for 2008

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Hey everyone, Powerhouse is starting back!!
First session for 2008

6th January 2008 @ shalom
Sunday afternoon. 2.30-4.30pm. Welcome to our new time!

Prayer meeting: Susan
Announcements: Adelyne


Remember: To bring your bible, highlighter, pen

SUPER DUPER remember Bob’s last session for 2007 – what is your vision for 2008. Coz we’re going to write it down on 6th Jan 08 and plant it in a time capsule. So make sure u’ve thought & prayed for your vision for 2008.

December Highlights

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Taman Antarabangsa Christmas Outreach: 16 Dec 07
6.00pm-9.30pm, Balai Raya Taman Antarabangsa
Powerhouse will be in charge of serving food & CATS will be doing a dance

Gaya Christmas Carnival 19-21 Dec 07
Powerhouse CATS & Drama team will be performing on the closing on 21st Dec 07 @ Lintasan Desoaka, KK. Do Come and support them! 😉
Rehersal: 18th Dec 7.00-8.00pm (All participants pls be there on time)

Christmas Service @ SIB Likas 25 Dec 07
10.30am-12.30pm. Lunch will be provided

Powerhouse year end/thanksgiving/christmas/farewell – all in one party: 30 Dec 07
7.30pm @ Christine Majimbun’s residence.
Please RSVP to her so she can arrange for logistics.

SIB Likas (E) Thanksgiving Dinner 31st Dec 07
@ Promenade Hotel
Powerhouse Drama team will be on! 😉

Happy Holidays 2007

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Dear all,
Powerhouse will be on a break for the month of December. We will resume on the first Sunday of January 2008. Don’t forget next year our time will be changed to 2.30-4.30pm on Sundays.
Have a blessed Christmas everyone. God bless. Remember that to be salty and bright (light) as you meet up with family & friends etc. 😉
Proclaim the good news of the Lord this season!

This week at powerhouse 24 nov 2007

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Final powerhouse meeting for the year 2007
Our last series on the topic: MISSION
Bob will be sharing
Worship Leader: Christine
PH room cleaning: Connect
Prayer meeting leader: Aaron
Announcements: Matthew