Christian Jazz Celebration: 10-11 March 08

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SIB Pusat Praise & Worship Ministry is organising a Christian Jazz Celebration with international musicians: Jeff Curry & 4-5 japanese professional musicians.

Admission free at night for concert on 10th & 11th March Nite (Mon & Tues)
Music workshop from 9am – 3pm on @ RM20 – 11th March 2008 (tuesday)

More info: Church Office or Christine M

The question for women

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8-9th March 2008
Please note that there is NO POWERHOUSE this week due to the seminar
Time: 8th March: 7.00-10.30pm
9th March: 2.00-10.00pm

Please note that if you’ve paid RM 15.00 only for the seminar, you MUST BRING your own manual from your previous seminar you attended. If you want a new manual, you need to pay an additional RM 15.00. Please inform church office earlier should you require a new manual.

You must attend the 1st session on 8th March in order to be able to attend the 9th March seminar. Late comers maybe not allowed to join the small groups as it will disturb the flow of ministry.

The Question Seminar

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Location: Shalom, Likas
Men: 15-16th March 2008
Women: 8-9th March 2008 (to be confirmed due to elections on 8th)
First timers Registration fee: RM 30 (includes manual, meals, tea breaks)
Refresher fee: RM 15 (includes meals, tea breaks only)

Questions to Consider:
• Who have I allowed to answer that question for me?
• What difference do my actions today make?
• How should I relate to the opposite gender
• How will I know when I meet the right person who is my future spouse?

What is it?
Who should come?
A new, exciting and life-changing teaching and audio/video presentation designed specially for young men and young women but found to open hearts of men and women of all ages.

The Question includes thought provoking teaching on video and sharing, prayer and Holy Spirit-led ministry to the heart in small groups. As teaching topics are brought up, the small groups, led by trained facilitators, give opportunity for ministry in that specific area of the man/woman’s life.

There are two separate versions of The Question, one for women and one for men.

The Question is conducted in a Friday evening and all day Saturday format.

Young men/women from ninth grade and older. (There is no upper age limit.)

The teaching and ministry in small groups will deal with topics pertinent to young men/women—not “boys or girls.” Portions of The Question may not be appropriate for younger men/women who have not begun to seek their adult identity, take interest in the opposite gender, etc. Maturity in interest and attention level is necessary.

Powerhouse Anniversary Celebrations

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Don’t forget this Saturday (1st March 2008) – 7pm @ Wisma MPMS.
No powerhouse on Sunday 2 March 2008


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hello everybody
greetings from west msia..i’m currently in my 6th day of my stay here and already i’m busy and stuff just keep on piling might be wondering what am i doing here..why is this guy suddenly posting or why is there lousy punctuation or the lack thereof..i’m currently working under Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship ( ECF ) under the ministry of 1AM ( 1 accord ministry ), and i’m a musician/worker/slave/staff/awesome-guy..currently my duties include playing and practicing the cool is that..and to oversee the 1AM academy where its like a school..and since i taught in a profesional school before i am assigned to run, come out with rules and stuff like that..basically how to run a music school. 2 jobs is enough to kill me for now..but yes i am doing very very well..ECF is very hospitable and very nice to me ( so far ) and still need some time to adjust..i was almost in tears the 1st day cos i was already home sick then. yes i do miss you guys also still can text or call me right..its flat rate nationwide for all mobile network operators now ANYWAY…there’s a hint that 1AM is gonna come visit kk for a while..i’ll keep you guys informed..its kinda hard for me to like..get internet connection here…but when i do i take full’s my addres if you wanna like..bomb the church or something..

no.2, jalan rajawali 3,
bandar puchong jaya,
47100 puchong,

please state name when you send your i’ll get blamed..

so..i’ll see you guys around..


This week @ Powerhouse 24th Feb 2008

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Speaker: CATS
(Shen, Joey………& more)
Prayer meeting: Bernice H
Announcements: Susan P
Worship leader & Acoustic guitar: Aaron Heng
Key board: Matthew Lok

Powerhouse Anniversary

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Get your tickets from: Melody Wong, Rowena, Joey Ng or Christine Maj

This week @ Powerhouse 17th Feb 2008

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Speaker: John Wong

FM members on duty:


Feb 17.08

Worship Leader

Jia Jun

Elec. guita


Acoustic Guitar






Key board




Prayer meeting: Jia Jun
Announcements: Christine

Chinese New Year

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No powerhouse during chinese new year. We will resume on 17th February 2008.
Have a blessed holiday with your family!

Updates & prayer requests

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Hi all, some updates on Powerhouse members – need ur prayers…..

1. From J.Leahy – NZ

Hey to all my friends in powerhouse!

Could you all please pray for me. I have BIG decisions to make concerning fulltime jobs and which one to take. So please pray that God would lead me to make the right decision and that he would lead me to the right one.

Thanks everyone! Love you all!!!

2. Garry Singa – KK

Garry injured his knee. Scheduled for elective surgery this Friday (25/1) to fix his knee. Uphold him in prayers

3. Gabriel D – KK – Spore – Japan – USA

Gabriel D will be leaving for USA this friday (25/1) at 11.15am at terminal 1 (silk air) – if anyone not in school or not working can go see him off – but don’t ponteng ok!. Pray that he has a safe slight and won’t get home sick!