Come and Pray!

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Come and pray with the youth of KK.

Date: 27 April 2008 (Sunday)
Place: SIB Likas
Time: 2-4pm

This week at powerhouse 20th April 2008

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All powerhouse folks
You’re invited to:
Dinner @ PJD house this sat @ 7pm
You know his house? Gabriel’s house lah…same place! 😉
Small Groups: Distortions Part 5
Distortions of Sex: Breaking the Cycle
Prayer Meeting: Susan P
MC: Bobby M
Worship leader: Adelyne M

……………thought to ponder………..

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Are you hungry for revival?
Are you desperate for revival?
Revival starts with you!
“Here I am. Send me!”(Isaiah 6:8)

This week at powerhouse 13th April 2008

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Small Groups: Distortions Part 4
Distortions of Self: The Unveiling
Prayer Meeting: Bobby M
MC: Susan P
Worship leader: Y.Jia Jun
FM on duty:
Danielle, Tatjana, Matthew, Aaron, Bernice, John,Laura

PASSION CONFERENCE 30 May – 1 June 2008

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reminder to all – early bird dateline is this sunday 13 April
Submit your forms asap to Susan/Aaron/your cell leader.
If you need to pay by installment, pls contact your cell leaders.
A definate must go if you desire to see your school saved!

This week at powerhouse 6th April 2008

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Small Groups: Distortions Part 3
Distortions of Community: The Dangers of Going It Alone
Prayer Meeting: Andrew D
MC: Shen W

Leaders’ meeting this Friday, 4th April Friday @ 8pm @ Shalom.

Connect dinner: 5th April Sat @ 6.30pm @ Suz & Bob’s

Advance notice: Dinner @ PJD’s house on 19th April Sat @ 7pm. All PH members invited. Please RSVP with Aaron so that PJD can ensure enough food to feed the mob! 😉

This week @ Powerhouse 30th March 2008

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Small Groups: Distortions Part 2
Distortions of the World: The Villain in Our Story
Prayer Meeting: Andrea
MC: Susan M

Note: Leaders’ meeting this Friday postponed to 4th April Friday @ 8pm @ Shalom. As a few leaders need to attend Passion Conference Worship Practice this week.

Connect dinner: 5th April Sat @ 6pm @ Suz & Bob’s

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This week at powerhouse 23rd March 2008

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We will be starting a 6 weeks series small group discussion.
This 6 topic-driven sessions expose the enemy’s distortion of our vision. It helps students identify vital distortions in vital areas of life, and see with greater clarity and truth from God

Part 1: Distortions of God: The Unforced Rhythms of God

Make sure you bring your bible and pens with you.
All cell leaders, please inform your members about the small groups.

Worship leader: Y.J.Jun
Prayer meeting: Andrea
Announcements & MC: John Wong

The Question for Men Seminar 14-15th March 08

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14-15th March 2008
Please note that there is NO POWERHOUSE this week due to the seminar.
Time: 14th March: 7.00-10.30pm
15th March: 2.00-10.00pm
Please note that if you’ve paid RM 15.00 only for the seminar, you MUST BRING your own manual from your previous seminar you attended. If you want a new manual, you need to pay an additional RM 15.00. Please inform church office earlier should you require a new manual.You must attend the 1st session on 8th March in order to be able to attend the 9th March seminar. Late comers maybe not allowed to join the small groups as it will disturb the flow of ministry.