photos of gaya christmas 2008

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check out photos taken of Powerhouse & SIB Likas performing @ Gaya St on 18th Dec 08. Photos courtesy of our good friend Alfred aka Elf;=mf

Gaya Christmas 2008

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Come and be part of Gaya Christmas.
17-19th December 2008
Powerhouse & KB & adults will be performing on 18th December 2008 @ 9pm. Be there

End of the year thanksgiving/reunion party

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Hey alll…… If you’re in KK during the year end, make sure you keep this date free:

28 december 2008 (Sunday)
Shalom @ 7pm
Thanksgiving & reunion dinner

We have lots of ppl that will be in town: Gabriel D, Elsha Liew, Special Guest, Peng, Ying Will be a time to catch up with each other. Also we’ll be having our awards ceremony that same night

Be there.

RSVP To : Aaron Heng, Bernice, Jia Jun, Matthew, Kevin


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Dear jo, ask you requested…some update.s… the photos above are courtesy of Garry Singa’s weblog. Today the youth took on the project of repainting the powerhouse room esp the mural painted 5 years ago to give it a more fresh and up to date look. They will soon re-organise and perhaps get some new pieces of furniture/ornaments to decorate the place up to give it a funky vibe!

CATS camp will start this monday till thursday. 4 day camp
All participants, please check in at Kiansom Baptist Retreat Centre on Monday between 3-6pm. Just drive straight down Kiansom road all the way till the end….yes, it’s a very long road. The retreat centre is on the left.
Adelyne, Christine and John will be sharing on the night sessions. Day time will be devotions, practise time and bonding time.

Pray for:
1. P- Personal relationship – through the devotions they will grow stronger in their personal
relationship with the Lord
2. O – offer to ministry – that through the lessons the youth would understand what it means to
offer themselves to the Lord
3. W – warm friend ships forged. Unity to grow stronger amongst the youth
4. E – equipped and be discipled/disciplined. Through this camp the youth will be open to the
Lord and be equipped for every good work. They will be discipled through thier peer
mentors and be disciplined.
5. R – reach out. That the youth is always aware that their Gaya performance is a tool to reach
out and spread the good news to the KK-ians

What’s happening in November

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For the rest of this year
November-December 2008, Powerhouse is switching mode into Gaya Christmas Preparation. This year powerhouse is combining effort with children from King’s Brigade and 2-3 families to stage a musical drama. We haven’t yet decided on the title. But it is a family based drama about love, struggles and redemption. The whole cast will be thoroughly preparing for it. The Powerhouse youth will be having their dance and drama practices on weekends. The children will be practicing on Sundays.

For more info, make sure you contact your CATS leaders: Shen & Joey…. if you’ve attended the briefings before hand, you’d know how to contact them, and yes..u’d have the practice schedule in your hand! 🙂

First practise starts this Saturday afternoon @ Shalom. Don’t forget to bring your bibles and be on time lest you want demerit points!

Remember…the whole focus & aim of Gaya Christmas Preparation is to incorporate Powerhouse Mission:
P- Personal relationship with God (devotion before practices)
O-Offer ourselves for the Lord’s ministry (by being part of the team)
W-Warm friendship (get to know new friends and old friends better – treat them with respect)
E- Equip and be discipled (disciplined) ….. practices, the Camp will further equip you
R – Reach out – the message of the drama is to reach out to those who’ve yet known Christ

This week…

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31 october (Friday)

Interchurch youth prayer meeting @ Kyrugma house @ 8pm. Combined with interchurch monthly prayer meeting.

1st November (Saturday)

Joey’s 21st birthday bash @ Alam Mesra SIB Metro Unit No 5, 2nd Floor Block A

2nd November (Sunday)

Gaya Christmas Team 1st meeting/briefing @ Shalom @ 2pm. Maybe even earlier depending on what time church service ends. Light lunch is provided after church (family) service.

What’s happening this weekend- 26th oct

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Friday 24th October
All leaders please take note venue is now changed to
Bob & Suz’s place @ 10J, Eden Heights @ 8pm
due to Shalom being used for Ancient Path

Sunday 26th October
Briefing for all youth & Pri 5 & 6 KB interested to be part of Gaya Christmas after church service by the baptismal pool
Powerhouse will be held at Christine & Adelyne’s Majimbun’s home in Inanam after lunch. Please see them for directions. You are welcomed to sleep over as Monday is public holiday. Bring along necessary items, sleeping bag and money to `ta-pau’ dinner & BIBLE!

This week @ Powerhouse – 19 October

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Bring along your BIBLE & Concordance (If you have)
Susan will be sharing

Worship: Christine M
Prayer Meeting: John Wong
Announcement: Bobby M

This week @ Powerhouse 12th Oct

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This week Bob will be sharing- group activity

Prayer Meeting: Aaron Heng
Announcement: Shen Wong
Worship: TBC

Please note all powerhouse youth, KB Pri 5 & 6 and your parents, there will be a briefing on the practise schedule for Gaya Christmas Celebration. Will be at baptismal pool after Sunday Service.

This week @ Powerhouse – 5 October 2008

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Susan will be sharing….

Worship: Aaron Heng
Prayer Meeting: Danielle Soong
Announcement: Adelyne Majimbun