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hi everybody..!! really miss u all in Powerhouse la..haha..i’m very sure u guys are having fun there in sabah while we’r in a Christian NS..we hav to work n get starved n get TIRED n die..ahahaha 🙂 no la..kidding..we’r having a GREAT time here..all i said is pretty much true except the die part..haha..ya..we din die la..sometimes Ps Tom scares us until I (Bernice) wana die’s all REALLY fun…Ps Tom is very very VERY funny..and everyone there was really nice..

right here is the SYM team of 2009…!!! YAY..!! but i’m not in the picture..oh well..haha.. 3 of them just came 2day,from d Ps Limpakan’s church (SIB Kingfisher)..yupp..11 of us…weee

this is my foster’s Yi Lin..she’s a great girl..I love her,haha..everybody say hi…good.. :p Ya I’m staying with her family for this whole penang trip…and i really praise God for them..they’r really really nice to me..especially her mom..cuz when I want to help her in the house chores,she would’nt let us do it as she saw how tired we foster bro very cute,he’s form3..sorry no pictures of him…

dis is d food i ate just now (john don jealous,k) ..hehe :p

we have devotion..this type of devotion is very interesting and we will teach you all when we come kinda makes us have to share what we’ve learned to our if any of us suddenly tell you something about the word,dont be surprised k..?just accept it..hehe 😛

Ps Thomas Barnabas – Ps Tom
He gives us all the instructions and assignments..the GaZZilion assignments we’r about to do..haizzz..such as….end week evaluation, spiritual diaries,camp n valentines day brochures,3 different dramas n many MANY, pls pray 4 us…b4 we suffer..haha
oh n every week there will be a group this week,we chose i’ll be in charge of everything.devotion every morning and calling everybody to be on time the next day..because late 1 min equals to 30 push-ups..and the leader gets extra we ALMOST got it..woohoohoo.. :p

classes with Ps Barnabas (David) .
he was sooooo good,eventho we were all so tired but his teachings and message was soooo interesting,powerful n he was funny too,just like his son,haha..he was goin 2 b teaching us for 3 days..he talks bout breaking bondages,bout Jesus n about was so different from any other teachings its really amazing..for example…Do u noe that we’r king’s too? but Jesus is the KING of all king’s..haha..then there are 3 heavens..and Satan know’s the bible through and through..better than us oh..haha..ya like that la…got more la..but…cool kan.. :p

sigh…yea..i guess that’s it..there’s more to say but toooo much liow..haha.. okay.. God bless.. will update again when we find time.. remember, UNITY is important in every team of God.. so keep up unity.. BYE..pls pray for us.. love you all.. 🙂

PowerHouse Rocks..!!

Aaron, Matthew, Kevin and
bernice (bnice) :p

This week @ Powerhouse – 4 January 2009

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Powerhouse is back again!

It’s a compulsory for all members to be present. What’s gonna happen?

1. Joanne and Susan will be sharing
2. A Test!!!
3. 1st Music Lesson

Time: 2pm
Prayer: Christine
Announcement: Susan

See you all there!

New Year 2009 Countdown

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Matthew’s Bar Barakah

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New Year Eve Countdown…

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Please take note… there will be a new year eve countdown for all Powerhouse members.

Venue: Likas Square Apartment (sleepover)
Time: Check in anytime after 4pm
Things to bring: Swimming wear, snacks, sleeping bag, board games, money

In view of this, we will have to split the cost of renting the apartment. The more people come, the lesser the cost will be so…. start inviting your friends!!

There’s going to be lots of fun and laughter, board games, PS, snacks etc etc

Do come as we usher Year 2009 together as one family!

See you there!

For more info, contact:
Adelyne & Christine Majimbun @ our mobiles =p

Powerhouse Award 2008

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Most Improved Person of the Year 2008
Matthew Lok
Jia Jun

Mr. Powerhouse 2008 (Contribution)
John Wong
Ms. Powerhouse 2008 (Contribution)
Joey Ng

Funniest person of the Year 2008
Aaron Heng

Inspiration of the Year 2008
Danielle Soong

Favorite person of the Year 2008
Joey Ng & Shen Wong

Powerhouse Reunion 2008

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Christmas Celebration 2008

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Gaya Street 2008 – Powerhouse Presentation

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For those who missed it.. Its super blur.. so just wait for the ori

Merry Christmas!

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