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this week is FULL la....WHEE :P 
Powerhouse 1st Cell Gathering

Group 1 (Lintas 1-John’s)

Activity: Movie Night
Venue: John’s Place

Group 2 (Lintas 2-Jia Jun’s)

Activity: Steamboat
Venue: Amanda’s Place

Group 3 ( Kolombong-Christine & Adelyne’s)

Activity: Movie Night
Venue: Joey & Joanne’s Place

Group 4 (Damai-Aaron & Bernice’s)

Activity: Junkfood Night
Venue: Tatjana’s Place


Date: 27th June 2009

time: 7:30pm

Place: BCCM Rainfield (if you need transport, pls let us know)

PHroom Day!!!

this Comin Sunday(28th June), 2pm in Powerhouse Room..

Get Your Materials READY!! :P  

mesmerised by His beauty,

Phroom Day

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28th June 2009

2pm – whenever we’re done

PowerHouse Room

Phroom Day is a day that we will redecorate the PowerHouse Room Wall. This is a very monumental event for PowerHouse so please be very serious, creative, and cool about this. Everyone will get a spot on the wall to do Whatever They Like to decorate it. That means you too. I am encouraging sticking stuff up more than painting cuz it might take a while to finish… Phroom Day will be held on a Sunday, 28th June 2009, from 2pm till whenever we finish our masterpiece, preferably by midnight though. The more daring will probably get to use the ladder and do their thing higher up, while the rest will do what they can where they can reach.

Materials will be prepared by yourselves, except factory grade double sided tape and factory grade glue, which will be prepared by PowerHouse. Yes, we don’t want your decorations coming off after a week or so.

Here are the official rules and regulations for Phroom Day:

-          No hammer and nails

-          No violence / obscenity / or anything hazardous to health (mental or physical)

-          For paper, make sure it doesn’t tear

-          For glass, make sure it doesn’t fall, break, or cut anyone

-          For slippers and shoes, make sure they don’t stink

-          For flowers and living creatures, preferably we don’t want them to die, unless that’s what you wanted

-          For clocks and other devices, make sure they work

-          No food please

-          And valuable items are welcome

for more info please contact aaronheng

HEY hey YOU!!!

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LOVE the new blog?? :) OF COURSE U DO!!

yeahh…okayy…this SUNDAY there wont be any powerhouse meeting as is will be FATHER’s DAY…. BUT we’ll be meeting in church TODAY(june 19th) at 7:30pm with Pr Utham for a great talk from him… HOPE U ALL COME!! :)

NEXT.. COMING saturday (20th June), there is the 2nd VID Training!! at shalom….PLEASE MAKE SURE U COME!! it will be exciting!! :)

Last of all…a reminder to ALL…!! PHroom DAY!!!on the 28th JUNE…in powerhouse room…got ur ideas yet??? :P

mesmerized by His beauty,

this week at POWERHOUSE

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This Sunday we will be having our usual PowerHouse Meeting…!!
It will be about Cell Group…
starts at 2pm, ends at 4pm
venue, Shalom
There will be Ice-breaker & Worship..!! :)
OUR BELOVED Christine is back!!
Let’s Welcome Her Warmly…
so..make sure u come okay?haha
Announcement: Bernice
Prayer Meeting: Aaron

Phroom Day!

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Its all about the room baybeh…
Okay PowerHouse, prepare yourselves for a major life changing (not really lah) event…
Its Phroom Day! (pronounced as ‘f-room’)

What is it all about?…
You’ll know…

Soon enough…

Be on the lookout for more info!

A very helpful and thought provoking post brought to you by doctorbutterfly.


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hello people………of powerhouse…
this WEEK in youth
at 2pm,
in Shalom,
Susan will be SPEAKING..whee!!
Jia Jun worship leading…ohyeah!!
Bobby will lead PraYEr MeetinG…yeaaa!!!
and Kevin on AnnounceMents..whoo!!
EXCITING!! haha..
so dont miss out yeahh… :)
Notices to FM!!!
practice this saturday 2:30pm..
pls be on time..tq..n continue to rock dat place!!!woohoo :)

Church Camp 2009 Photos

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Powerhouse Parent-Forum

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to all Parents of Powerhouse Youth..
there will be a Parent Talk with Bobby & Susan
on the 17th May ( this coming Sunday ),
afternoon after church…at 2pm
LUNCH will be PROVIDED for ALL!! :)

Youth PLEASE inform your parents about this
tell Bernice Heng if they are going by this THUR (14th May) !!!
TQ for ur cooperation!! :)

*end of announcement*

Mother’s DAY!!!

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Make sure you wish them this coming Sunday!! :)
this Mother’s Day in PowerHouse is
Powerhouse Youth Celebration Service!!
Make sure u all come ok?
because there will be:
Sharing : from Bobby ( about Mother’s Day!! )
Our MC (announcements) : by beloved Jia Jun Ma!!
Worship : lead by Matthew Lok!
Prayer Meeting (start-off) : lead by Danielle :p
Its from 2pm-4pm,
In Shalom,
SO, Dont Miss Out!!
To all musicians for this Sunday’s Youth Service,
there will be a Jamming Session this Saturday (10th May),
5pm – 6pm, Aaron is in charge, if anything pls call him..tq
FM Practice for Youth will be after church lunch this Sunday..
Those involved, please be there…thank you :)

Joy and Faith

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Visit Joy and Faith’s web page and sign their guestbook!!